Air-Blaster-ABS-2Prevents Material Sticking To Bin and Hopper Walls.


  • Creates no flames or sparks
  • Can be blasted when needed up to every few seconds
  • needs no special compressor, uses regular plant air at 80-125 PSI
  • Tank is certified to conform to “UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSELS” code
  • Is inexpensive compared to other dischargers, such as High Pressure Blast Systems, Air Pads, Vibrating Bin Bottoms
  • Mounting is simple. No structures need reinforcements. The air blast does not shake the structure, only the material
  • Is economical, takes but 1/25 of energy used by air pads or other systems
  • Is silent despite its name – all force and the air bang, like a back-firing truck, is absorbed by the material in the bin, which acts as a muffler. Below the OSHA requirements.



ABS-4-2The Air Cannon consists of a high pressure tank storing compressed air (80-125 PSI) and a quick release piston valve which instantaneously on command releases the compressed air into the bin or silo. The “Double Piston” design, with a free flowing piston like the ball, eliminates the backlash that may suck some of the bin material into the valve and which can also cause the piston to stick.

The Air Cannon is so simple that it has only one moving part. It will work safely and efficiently in any position, on any bin – thick concrete or light gauge steel – on any material form wood chips, pellets, chemicals, clay cattle feed, stringy materials and many others.


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