Pressurised Line Sampler.Liquid Samplers



Modern process control requires accurate analysis of incoming liquids, in plant process, finished product or waste. A representative sampling system is the answer to improved quality control and efficient processing and complying with registration standards.

Samples that are representative to the actual product or effluent can be automatically taken with the AX Sampler for liquids, activated sludge, slurries and powders.


In many cases, the most accurate sampling is achieved by the AX Sampler automatically extracting a series of small, precisely measured samples. The number of individual samples taken is adjusted according to time or product volume. Samples can be collected into a single receiver or dosed into a multi receiver carousel system.


The AX Liquid Sampler is used when an instant sample is required, alternatively the sampler can be installed directly in conjunction with automatic ON-LINE analysis instrument.



Positive Displacement: A fixed volume of liquid sample is withdrawn with each insertion of the sample probe, standard design probes available : 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 25cc, 50cc sample volume per individual sample.
Representative Sampling: The sample probe is cleaned by the process each time it is extended into the process line. Samples flow smoothly into the receiver, with high viscosity liquids being purged after each retraction of the sample probe.
Sealed Sample: Sampler body and receiver are sealed to ensure sample integrity and avoiding exposes to personnel or environment.
Materials of Construction: All metal parts are constructed from 316 stainless steel (other alloys optionally available). Seals areViton, Teflon, Kalrez™.
Automatic Operation: Adjustable timed based or flow proportion controls available with a LCX4-20 controller (manual or automatic pneumatic controls optionally available).
Specialised Designs: Sanitary designs available for Food, Pharmaceutical, Dairies and Chemical products.