Helps You Dump Fast, Clean, Safe And Smart.truck vibrators



The “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrator makes dumping faster, easier, cheaper, cleaner and safer. No more time and money spent shoveling loads out – just let Big Bertha do the work. You’ll see such a dramatic increase in the number of loads you can dump in a day; Big Bertha will pay for itself in no time at all. The Big Bertha can be customised to meet your exacting standards and working situation.



  • Aluminium mounting plate/for aluminium bodies
  • A variety of plate configurations; flat, channel, extra long, extra wide or customised to your usage
  • Variable cable length depending on truck size, or for interior or exterior switch application
  • Customised timing sequences for your exact need



  • Design and construction guaranteed to stand up to even the most punishing use. The unit is totally protected against road dirt, salt and sand
  • A complete, clean unload every single time at a lower angle, so tip-overs are a lot less likely
  • 3500 lbs. of power to release even stubborn loads
  • Oversized bearings for a longer life
  • An even, steady flow so spreading is done while dumping, reducing manpower and machine time
  • One simple button in the cab to activate the vibrator – or a remote switch for operating it outside the cab
  • Complete installation kit with everything you need to install Big Bertha – including wiring. Installation is quick and easy, all it takes is one person!



  • Tailgate banging
  • Brake slamming
  • Costly repairs on clutches
  • Wear and tear on transmissions
  • Hoist damage
  • Build-up of wet materials
  • Costly flip-overs

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