For Accurate Representative Samples.sax sanitary samplers



Modern process and quality control systems require accurate analysis of in plant processing of a product. A representative sampling system is the answer to improve quality control and efficient processing.

The SAX Dry Material Sampler provides a simple means to collect representative samples of free flowing powders, flakes and granules from process streams at atmospheric pressure.


Air cylinder extends the sample annulus into the process stream, the annulus is immediately withdrawn into the body of the sampler. Once inside the body, material is discharged via gravity into a sealed receiver. When the sample annulus is retracted the front seals prevent leaks and product loss.


Typically the SAX Sampler takes a minimum of 25 grammes of sample on each insertion into the process stream. Larger volumes can be taken by increasing the sampler body and annulus size.



Sanitary Construction: FDA approved for Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.
Materials of Construction: All parts are manufactured from 304 or 316stainless steel (Monel and Hastalloy C276 optionally available). Seals are Teflon or Acetal.
Easy Maintenance: Quick disconnect couplings and internal components, no hand tools required for cleaning or maintenance.
Sterilisation: The Sampler is fully autoclavable or can be sterilised with chemicals.
Operation: Manual hand operation, semi or fully automatic operation for use in zoned areas.
Collection Receivers: Nalgene bottles, glass containers, sterile bags or glove containment units.