Silent Turbine Vibrators SAVE Air By Using 50% Less Than Competitive Pneumatic Ball Vibrators.turbine vibrators



Because of their fool-proof operation and their lessening of noise in production areas, the Silent Air Turbine Vibrators have quickly become the specified and standard units for many industries and in many leading plants. Examples are: parts feeding in tracks and trays in the automotive industry; on batchers, supply hoppers and chutes of chemical and plastics production and packaging lines; and on foundry match-plates, shake-outs and sand hoppers.

Other typical uses include: screening, separating and sizing of both fine and coarse powdered materials; settling, compacting and leveling in packaging; orientation and feeding of parts. Also, un-jamming caps, cans and jars; aiding or controlling flow of material through hoppers, screens, chutes. Size for size and mount same as for ball units.



A ball vibrator draws up to over 50% more air than a turbine vibrator. the ball in a ball vibrator takes up only 1/20 of available space in the ball vibrator housing and the majority of the air pushing the ball around in the ball race is wasted and exhausted without producing any work. In a turbine vibrator, the turbine fits snugly in the housing and only a very minimal amount of air can escape without producing any work.



The turbine vibrator has a high efficiency throughout it’s life. Ball vibrators immediately lose speed and efficiency due to pitting of the ball and ball race. An added plus to the turbine is, the turbine vibrator is not subject to the pitting and the turbine vibrator does not require airline lubrication like the ball vibrator.



Turbine vibrators maintain 70-75 dB throughout their entire life as compared to sharp increases in noise levels of ball, roller and piston vibrators, reaching up to 100 dB and over.


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