Unload Railroad Hopper Cars Faster, Cleaner In Less Time.rail vibrators



The Railroad Car Shaker is completely versatile and will empty 90% of all materials. It is silent with no more noise than an electric motor (72-75 dB) and has low air consumption compared to other pneumatic units. The Railroad Car Shaker requires no lubrication and can easily be maintained. The wedge bracket fits all standard dovetail brackets welded to railroad cars and it is ideal for unloading coal, grains, cement, chemicals and many others.



  • Wear resistant ductile iron
  • Self locking wedge
  • Quick disconnect
  • Lightweight – only 48 lbs.
  • Reversible quick disconnect for easy removal of vibrator from wedge
  • Pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings
  • Built-in muffler
  • Convenient hose whip
  • No lubrication needed