Dust Measurement: The ProSens


Dust Detection and Measurement.


Pro Sens Dust Measurement


The ProSens has been designed for reliable dust measurement in clean sectors after filters. The ProSens is available if three variations and can be utilised in the following problem areas:

  • Broken Bag Detection: Model ProSens 301
  • Trend Monitoring: Model ProSens 303
  • Emission Measurement: Model 304/305



The ProSens utilises the proven and reliable triboelectric technology whereby the interaction of particles with the sensor rod causes a small electric charge transfer. It is a small charge which provides the signal which is monitored by the electronics.


Providing the material type remains constant, the signal generated is proportional to the flow rate even if there is an accumulation of dust on the sensor.


Experience has shown that this dust measurement method provides accurate results and requires minimum maintenance.




The ProSens must be mounted to metal ducts and pipes with a maximum diameter of 4M. In the case of non-metal ducts alternative arrangements need to be made.



Technical Data:


Material: Housing: Aluminium

Sensor rod: Stainless Steel

Protection: IP65
Particle Size: 0.3μm or larger
Ambient Temperature: -20 to +45C
Process Temperature: max 100C standard

200  to 800C optional

Max Working Pressure: Max 2 bar standard
Power Supply: 24vdc / 115vac / 230vac
Power Consumption: 3W
Output Signals: Relay: 5A 24v ac/dc

Isolated: 4 - 20mA (303, 304, 305)

Weight: 2.3kg
Dimensions: Mounting Socket 56/38

Enclosure 173 x 172 x 132 (H x W x D)


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