The Air Pad With Aeration and Vibration.vibrating airbrator


The Airbrator can eliminate packing and maintain flowability of finely-ground dry bulk materials. Suitable for flour, seeds, grain, fakes, sawdust, cement, PVC resin, fly ash, carbon black, lime, sand, cornstarch, gypsum, sugar and other materials. For indoor and outdoor applications in bins and storage vessels and can be used in high temperature, corrosive environments.


The special design of the Airbrator provides two action flow aid through aeration and vibration. It requires fewer pads than the diffuser type and is not affected by moisture or temperature. The Airbrator is easy to install in any type of vessel and is self-cleaning



  • Durable moulded silicone or neoprene rubber construction
  • Stainless Steel Centre Shaft
  • Rated to 250°F (121°C)
  • Air pressure from 3 PSIG to 60 PSIG
  • Food grade material available


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