We are pleased to announce that H & H Process has been purchased by Wrights Dowson Group a leading manufacturer and supplier to the solids handling industry. The acquisition was effective from Monday 19th January 2015.

The business will run out of H & H Process’s premises until 30 of January, and then transferred down to Wrights Dowson’s operation in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

The main contact initially will be Mike Slack, but as the business is integrated into their system the contact will be transferred to Ross Winsor Internal Sales Engineer and Steve Hill Commercial Director. Mike Slack & Paul Houston will be retained in the business for a minimum of 12 months.

As with all important business decisions, we will be working closely with our current customers making the integration process run as smoothly as possible.

This acquisition by Wrights Dowson will further strengthen our service to both existing and new customers in the industry in the coming months.

The business will continue to operate under the name of H & H Process which will be now a wholly owned subsidiary of Wrights Dowson to ensure continuity with the services and products we offer to our customers.

Contact details are now:

Office tel 01767 652336

Office fax 01767 651149

Mike Slack mike@handh-process.co.uk mobile 07836 501549

Ross Winsor r.winsor@handh-process.co.uk