Compact Rotary Level Control For Dry Solids.Level Equipment - Mini-Rotary Level Switch

Models available: either 110vac or 220vac

  1. 110volts 4 Vane Polycarbonate Paddle    – £246.00
  2. 220volts 4 Vane Polycarbonate Paddle    – £231.00
  3. 110volts 2 Vane Stainless Steel Paddle    – £246.00
  4. 220volts 2 vane Stainless Steel Paddle    – £231.00

Polycarbonate paddles are either 4 vane or single vane insertable.



The Mini-Rotary Compact Rotary Level Switch is an economical, compact rotary level control that has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers. The small yet rugged design allows you to use the Mini-Rotary where other level sensors simply won’t fit.



The Mini-Rotary Level Switch has few moving parts and features simple operation. A slow-speed synchronous motor rotates the paddle which senses the pressure of the material at the level where the Mini-Rotary is placed.
The sensitivity can be adjusted with a motor torque adjusting spring allowing the unit to be used in both light and heavy materials. Rotary technology ignores changing material characteristics that can cause other point level devices to fail.



The Mini-Rotary Compact Level Switch is deigned for controlling product level in small bins and hoppers that contain plastics, food, seed, chemicals, and other powder and bulk solid materials.



Input Voltage: 110/230/24 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1.5 Watts
Switch: SPDT
Contact Rating: 3A @250 VAC
Rotary Speed: 1 RPM
Temperature Change: -4° F to +140° F
Wiring Cable: 18 AWG, 300mm cable
Mounting: 3/4″ NPT
Clutch: Magnetic Slip Clutch prevents damage to motor gears
Enclosure: Polycarbonate, NEMA 1
Weight: 0.5kg

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