No Calibration Required.vibrating rod



The VR Series Vibrating level sensors are piezoelectric devices. Thus, the unit can be used for high and low level indication, or plugged chute detection. Used for material densities from less than 2 lbs/cu.ft. including carbon back, plastics, fly ash, feed, seed, grain, food, chemical, and other materials. It detects extremely light, fluffy materials and materials with low dielectric constants.



The unique blade level probe design specifically combats build up on the probe, eliminating false alarms common with other piezoelectric devices. The fail-safe indication is high/low switch selectable.



Power Requirement: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC
Power Consumption: 2 VA
Output: SPDT relay, 5A @ 250 VAC
Fail-Safe: High/Low Switch Selectable
Operating Temperature: ELECTRONICS: -40° to 150° F (-40° to 65° C)PROCESS: -40° to 190° F (-40° to 88° C)
Pressure: 500 psi
Sensitivity: High/Low Switch Selectable
Time Delay: 1 second from stop of vibration, 2-5 seconds from start of vibration
Enclosure: Die Cast Aluminium
Probe: 304 SS, 7.37″ – 19.5″ Insertion Length
Conduit Entry: PG 13.5 or ½” NPT
Mounting: 1½”NPT
Status Indicator: RELAY: Red LED on PCB

POWER: Yellow LED on PCB

Minimum Material Density: 2 lbs/cu.ft. (32 kg/m³)


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