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The SBC controlled SmartBob II System can manually control from 1 to 30 SmartBob II Remote Sensors. A measurement is initiated with a push of a button, giving accurate inventory readings in feet of product, feet to product, and percent full. The last measurement on each remote is stored in a non-volatile memory. RS-485 digital communication over a two-conductor daisy chain significantly reduces required wiring and makes for easy installation.

Can operate from 1 to 30 SmartBob II remotes up to 4000 feet away


Simple to wire and operate
Available in both NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X models
Easy to read LCD display
Last measurement is stored in a non-volatile memory; therefore, the information will not be lost if power is removed
The measurement on the screen is displayed in distance to product, height of product, and percentage of product in the storage vessel in Imperial or Metric Units
Can be used in conjunction with IMS software program
Wireless communication options are available