About Us

    The Company and its Products

    H & H PROCESS was acquired by the Wrights Dowson Group in January 2015 and seamlessly integrated into the group. As part of WDG, H & H Process primarily specialises in process control equipment for the Materials Handling Industry to complement the existing product portfolio. H & H Process offers a full range of products from a single item to a full turnkey design, build and commissioning service.

    As the company expanded, it acquired sales agencies for major International Companies, supplying Automatic Sampling Equipment, Process Measurement Equipment, Level and Flow Control Monitoring Equipment. During the expansion, sampling equipment was marketed under the name of Axiom Quality Control Equipment, as a division of H & H Process.

    How H & H Process Operates Worldwide within WDG

    H & H PROCESS is committed to exclusive worldwide sales, marketing and distribution agreements with International Suppliers. Forming these exclusive agreements enables H & H Process to concentrate its expertise in supplying and manufacturing Bulk Handling providing opportunities through the benefits of their worldwide sales and distribution network.

    The group of companies operate in a diverse industry base including minerals, animal feed, fine chemical plus the food and pharmaceutical areas where high standards and specification compliance apply.

    How H & H Process Operates Internally within WDG

    Our specialist suppliers, whom we select and monitor stringently through our own verification and auditing process, provide the most up-to-date and innovative equipment for the Process Control Industry.

    Where required, we advise on – or carry out – installation and subsequent commissioning. Performance feedback is received via sales and service personnel. Our business planning process identifies measurable quality objectives and progress towards meeting these objectives and the quality policy is monitored via routine management meetings. A more formal management review of the suitability of our policies and strategies now forma part of the overall WDG operating ethos.