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    “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrators

    truck vibrators
    Helps You Dump Fast, Clean, Safe And Smart
    The “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrator makes dumping faster, easier, cheaper, cleaner and safer. No more time and money spent shoveling loads out – just let Big Bertha do the work. You’ll see such a dramatic increase in the number of loads you can dump in a day; Big Bertha will pay for itself in no time at all. The Big Bertha can be customised to meet your exacting standards and working situation.
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    The Silent Railroad Car Shakers

    rail vibrators
    Unload Railroad Hopper Cars Faster, Cleaner In Less Time
    The Railroad Car Shaker is completely versatile and will empty 90% of all materials. It is silent with no more noise than an electric motor (72-75 dB) and has low air consumption compared to other pneumatic units.
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    Sampler Model RT-RTA2

    blow line samplers
    Retractable Tube Sampler
    The Model RT-RTA2 automatically samples process streams that are under either positive or negative pressure. Accurate, frequent samples from pneumatic lines or conveyors are obtainable on-stream without interruption of the pneumatic conveying system.
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    AX Liquid Sampler

    Liquid Samplers
    Pressurised Line Sampler
    Modern process control requires accurate analysis of incoming liquids, in plant process, finished product or waste. A representative sampling system is the answer to improved quality control and efficient processing and complying with registration standards.
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    Sanitary Samplers

    sanitary tube
    Modern process and quality control systems require accurate analysis of in plant processing and finished product.
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