Vibro Equipment

    Vibration is a widely accepted method of encouraging materials to flow from silos and hoppers where products tend to stick to the sides. The range of Turbine, Ball and Piston Vibrators can prove invaluable for keeping products flowing.

    The use of an Air Cannon can promote material flow and increase the lost capacity silos and hoppers in situations where the product has a tendency to either bridge, rathole or stick to the sides of the vessel causing loss of material flow.

    Vibrating Tables are used to compact products for packing or for removing air trapped in such moulds such as concrete products. We can supply either complete tables or the components for use in building your own vibrating tables.

    “Silent” Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

    turbine vibrators
    Silent Turbine Vibrators SAVE Air By Using 50% Less Than Competitive Pneumatic Ball Vibrators
    Because of their fool-proof operation and their lessening of noise in production areas, the Silent Air Turbine Vibrators have quickly become the specified and standard units for many industries and in many leading plants.
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    Flat Top Tables


    • Fast, efficient and economical method for compacting a wide variety of materials – powdery, granular or flaky – in boxes, drums or cartons
    • They are versatile and widely used for industrial applications to package, shock and fatigue test and for densifying refractory blocks, concrete products


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    “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrators

    truck vibrators
    Helps You Dump Fast, Clean, Safe And Smart
    The “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrator makes dumping faster, easier, cheaper, cleaner and safer. No more time and money spent shoveling loads out – just let Big Bertha do the work. You’ll see such a dramatic increase in the number of loads you can dump in a day; Big Bertha will pay for itself in no time at all. The Big Bertha can be customised to meet your exacting standards and working situation.
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    The Silent Railroad Car Shakers

    rail vibrators
    Unload Railroad Hopper Cars Faster, Cleaner In Less Time
    The Railroad Car Shaker is completely versatile and will empty 90% of all materials. It is silent with no more noise than an electric motor (72-75 dB) and has low air consumption compared to other pneumatic units.
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