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    Sanitary Samplers

    sanitary tube
    Modern process and quality control systems require accurate analysis of in plant processing and finished product.
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    AX Liquid Sampler

    Liquid Samplers
    Pressurised Line Sampler
    Modern process control requires accurate analysis of incoming liquids, in plant process, finished product or waste. A representative sampling system is the answer to improved quality control and efficient processing and complying with registration standards.
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    Sampler Model RT-RTA2

    blow line samplers
    Retractable Tube Sampler
    The Model RT-RTA2 automatically samples process streams that are under either positive or negative pressure. Accurate, frequent samples from pneumatic lines or conveyors are obtainable on-stream without interruption of the pneumatic conveying system.
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    The Silent Railroad Car Shakers

    rail vibrators
    Unload Railroad Hopper Cars Faster, Cleaner In Less Time
    The Railroad Car Shaker is completely versatile and will empty 90% of all materials. It is silent with no more noise than an electric motor (72-75 dB) and has low air consumption compared to other pneumatic units.
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    “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrators

    truck vibrators
    Helps You Dump Fast, Clean, Safe And Smart
    The “Big Bertha” Dump Body Vibrator makes dumping faster, easier, cheaper, cleaner and safer. No more time and money spent shoveling loads out – just let Big Bertha do the work. You’ll see such a dramatic increase in the number of loads you can dump in a day; Big Bertha will pay for itself in no time at all. The Big Bertha can be customised to meet your exacting standards and working situation.
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    Flat Top Tables


    • Fast, efficient and economical method for compacting a wide variety of materials – powdery, granular or flaky – in boxes, drums or cartons
    • They are versatile and widely used for industrial applications to package, shock and fatigue test and for densifying refractory blocks, concrete products


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    “Silent” Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

    turbine vibrators
    Silent Turbine Vibrators SAVE Air By Using 50% Less Than Competitive Pneumatic Ball Vibrators
    Because of their fool-proof operation and their lessening of noise in production areas, the Silent Air Turbine Vibrators have quickly become the specified and standard units for many industries and in many leading plants.
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    Diffuser Air Pad

    air pads
    For Aeration and Flow
    BinMaster Air Pads are a low-cost solution to many product flow problems. Finely ground dry materials such as flour or cement tend to pack in storage. When Air Pads are installed, low pressure air is directed along the bin walls to ensure a continuous and even flow of material out of the bin.
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    vibrating airbrator
    The Air Pad With Aeration and Vibration
    The Airbrator can eliminate packing and maintain flowability of finely-ground dry bulk materials. Suitable for flour, seeds, grain, fakes, sawdust, cement, PVC resin, fly ash, carbon black, lime, sand, cornstarch, gypsum, sugar and other materials. For indoor and outdoor applications in bins and storage vessels and can be used in high temperature, corrosive environments.
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    Vibrating Rod: VR Series

    vibrating rod
    No Calibration Required
    The VR Series Vibrating level sensors are piezoelectric devices. Thus, the unit can be used for high and low level indication, or plugged chute detection.
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    SmartBob II Continuous Level

    Smarter, Tougher, Cost-Effective, Inventory System
    Whether it’s chunk coal in a coal-fired power plant or fine granular solids in a plastic processor’s material storage silo, SmartBob II technology can handle it. Airborne dust, echo, steam, temperature changes or material densities pose no problem to SmartBob II. This system is capable of measuring all your liquid, large granular, or powders and dry bulk solids applications. The system is designed to work in conjunction with an IBM compatible personal computer using IMS software. It runs manually from a SBC push button console, or can communicate with PLC/DCS with an analogue 4-20 mA current loop output.
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    Diaphragm Point Level Switch Controls

    Level Equipment - Diaphragram Switches
    For Use With Free Flowing Dry Materials
    Reliable, point level detection for free flowing dry materials. For use in bins, vessels, and some plugged chute applications with material density from 20 lbs/cu.ft. The unit is suitable for feed, seed, grain, food, rubber, plastics, light powders, granules and other materials.
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    Tilt Switch Level Indicator

    tilt switch
    Reliable, Simple Operation
    The Tilt Switch is a versatile, low-cost indicator for a wide variety of applications. Use it to detect high levels of large, heavy materials in tanks, bins and silos. Or install it as a plug detector in chutes. It’s equally suited as a load sensor when positioned over conveyor belts or open piles. It can be used for materials with a density of 15 lbs/cu.ft. and greater and suitable for grain, sand, gravel, concrete, aggregate, coal, and other materials.
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    PRO REMOTE – Capacitance Probe

    pro remote
    With Remote Electronics for High Temperature or High Vibration Applications
    The Pro Remote capacitance level sensor features remote electronics located in a housing that is separated from the level probe making it suitable for high temperature, high vibration, or hazardous environments. It is CSA Class II listed and allows for the electronics to be installed up to 75 feet from the sensing probe and the hostile conditions, depending on the required sensitivity.
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    PROCAP I-FL & II-FL – Capacitance Probe

    procap I-FL and II-FL
    No Probe Intrusions for Space Constrained Applications
    The PROCAP I-FL and II-FL level switches offer “no probe intrusion” and are designed for space constrained areas or applications where material flow or bridging may damage a standard probe. It can be mounted on a bin wall, conveyor housing or a chute. The face of the bottom of the FL serves as the capacitance sensor which features Pro-Shield compensation for material build up and an adjustable time delay of up to 30 seconds to ensure accurate readings.
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    PROCAP I & II – Capacitance Probe

    Level Equipment - Procap I and II
    Interference Free, Fail Safe Operation & “Quick-Set” Calibration
    BinMaster’s capacitance level switch sensors are used for high and low level detection in bins, silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes and other vessels used for material storage or process manufacturing. The level switches operate by detecting the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing minute changes (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air.
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    Rotary Paddle Switch: Maxima+

    fail safe rotary switches
    Fail-Safe Rotary Level Switch Control
    ATEX Approved
    Reliable, point level switch detection for bulk solids including powder, pellet and granular materials. For use in bins, vessels, chutes and conveyors with a material density from 2 lbs./cu.ft. to over 100 lbs./cu.ft. Suitable for feed, seed, grain, food, sand, gravel, concrete, aggregate, plastic, chemical, coal, and other materials.
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    Rotary Level Switch: The BMRX Series

    Level Equipment - Rotary Paddle Switches
    Rotary Level Switch Controls For Dry Solids
    ATEX Approved
    The BinMaster BMRX range of Rotary Level Switches offer reliable, point level detection for bulk solids including powder, pellet and granular materials. For use in bins, vessels, chutes and conveyors with a material density from 2 lbs./cu.ft. to over 100 lbs./cu.ft. Suitable for feed, seed, grain, food, sand, gravel, concrete, aggregate, plastic, chemical, coal, and other materials.
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    Mini-Rotary Level Switch

    Level Equipment - Mini-Rotary Level Switch
    Compact Rotary Level Control For Dry Solids
    Models available: either 110vac or 220vac
    The Mini-Rotary Compact Rotary Level Switch is an economical, compact rotary level control that has been designed for use in small bins and hoppers. The small yet rugged design allows you to use the Mini-Rotary where other level sensors simply won’t fit.

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